Diplomat says Iran is serious for a lasting nuclear deal

29 August 2022 | 12:27 Code : 2014258 From Other Media Latest Headlines General category
Diplomat says Iran is serious for a lasting nuclear deal

Nasser Kanaani stated that Tehran's reaction will be communicated to the Americans as soon as feasible.

Nour News, a news outlet close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said in a tweet on Sunday that Tehran will give its response to the U.S. by Friday.

But, Kanaani said, it is impossible to specify a precise timing for Iran's answer, adding Iran will reply after it carefully examines the U.S. response and a decision made.

“The important point is that the Islamic Republic of Iran is serious about reaching an agreement that would be both comprehensive and lasting  and also meet the country’s interests,” he pointed out.

Iran and the U.S. communicate through the EU.

The spokesman also said, "All sides have so far tried to respect the confidentiality of the talks, because early revelations through media would not help the outcome of the negotiations," due to the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the nuclear deal and due to the confidentiality of the negotiations. 

There are a small number of unresolved issues to resurrect the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), according to Kanaani.

“In other words, most issues related to the JCPOA agreement have been resolved, but the few (remaining) outstanding issues are sensitive, important and determining,” he underlined. 

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to achieving a solution and thinks that restoring the JCPOA is in its own interests and the interests of other parties,” he remarked. 

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated that overall, this is a two-way street and reciprocal commitments must be honored. “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that implementation of the agreement is a two-way road and all members of the agreement must remain committed to their obligations.”

In May 2018, the United States, then led by President Donald Trump, unilaterally renounced the accord and reinstituted the sanctions that it had withdrawn.

In April of last year, a few months after Joe Biden succeeded Trump, the negotiations to save the deal began in Vienna, Austria.

Despite significant advancements, the lengthy negotiations were often interrupted by the U.S. indecision and delay.

On August 8, after four days of intense negotiations, a revised text was put forth by the EU. On August 15, Iran sent its response to the EU draft proposal. Following the submission of its reply, Tehran encouraged Washington to be realistic and flexible in order to establish a compromise.

The Biden administration's answer to Iran's response to the EU draft was sent on August 24.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has said the negotiations to restore the JCPOA and lift sanctions are in their final stages, but the U.S. must take a practical stance.

If the U.S. acts realistically, the unresolved issues in the JCPOA revival talks will be resolved, Amir Abdollahian pointed out.

Source: Tehran Times